Fall is for Planting and for spring flowers!

I know many of you have heard that “Fall is for planting” but I believe most of you don’t believe it! I’ll tell you why it IS for planting….

1. Plants will receive the water they need to get established from fall rains…conserving the water from the spigot!

2. When the cooler temperatures roll in, you can almost hear those plants breath a collective sigh of relief!  Less stress to your plants!

3. Planting now gives you a surprise to enjoy when the spring weather does arrive with flowers that you planted the fall before!

Fall isn’t just for spring bulbs…which of course you want to plant now. (daffodils, crocus, tulips, etc.) but for shrubs, perennials, ornamental grasses, ground covers, etc.  As long as you can work the earth, you can plant! (be sure to mulch new plantings as well!)

You can also save money planting now!  Take advantage of the sales that are going on at your local garden center as they prepare for the winter season!  Stop in and be inspired!


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