Social Media for Wholesale Business

Ok already! I surrender! I have put Gilson Gardens on Facebook for our retail garden center and florist, my boss, our office manager and I  have joined LinkedIn, I’m blogging, we’re googling, and we’re making changes to our website so we can keep it more current and change the content whenever we want! Good for us right?  We’re trying but why must it be so complicated? I’ve attended classes, I’ve asked questions, I’ve done research…..I still seem to be spending WAY too much  time trying to get our name out there! I want you to enter “plants” or “nursery” or “wholesale” and have Gilson Gardens  just pop up on your screen!  I want to be right in front of the landscapers, the garden centers, the homeowners, the old, the young, the generation X,Y and Zr’s! Bottom line….I don’t have to Twitter and that’s good because I don’t have time for that too but  I want our content to be relevant, I want it to be educational and more importantly I want it to get to the kinds of people I want to reach!  Our wholesale nursery sells ground covers, perennials, shrubs, vines, grasses and natives to independent landscapers and garden centers in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York and West Virginia.  We ship in our own racked trucks.  We have a sales team like no other where you’ll get sound experienced advice that is honest and dependable.  Our plants are grown right here in northeast Ohio and in stages so you will receive fresh stock most  of the growing  season.  We are a family owned business, third generation operated and owned! We can custom grow for large orders but we can also get you the small orders for a single job with the same smile and professionalism you deserve.

     So back to the internet and how to get our name out there….I’m hoping the blogging is helping….I know we’re making friends (or fans) on Facebook, I will continue to write of plants that we grow, we will continue to stay “plugged in” and hope in the end it pays off! Till next time….I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are so thankful for all the great people we do business with every year!

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