Putting the season to bed

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Today is December 1st. and with December came our first snowfall. Although it hasn’t amounted to much (yet!) it is the first snow and the hope of seeing anything blooming out of doors is gone. I’m not a fan of winter…don’t think I have been since I was a child but I am a BIG fan of spring. The first crocus, the first snowdrop or helleborus breaking bud even when it’s still freezing outside! Now that is something to get excited about! I knew this winter day was coming when we took our last fall drive through the hills and valleys of NE Ohio not too long ago and I was sorry to see the leaves fall to the ground but then I smiled to myself (and only to myself because my husband absolutly loves fall!) because I knew then that before I know it, the buds will start to swell on the trees and the earth will awaken with life again! Look for plants like Pulsatilla, Spring Heath,  Helleborus and Forsythia to help you celebrate the end of winter with early blossoms, a sign of the beginning of all that’s growing!


To stay sane during the winter months I force bulbs to bloom in pots in the house and somehow (I have no idea!) keep my Hibiscus blooming all winter long by a sunny window! How do you keep your winter bright on the dark days? Share with me and we’ll get through it together!


4 responses to “Putting the season to bed

  1. Lovely, lovely crocus! A gorgeous colour. I’m with you Gilson. Winter is NOT my favourite season, but the recent snow has made everyting pretty for a while! I get though by feeding the birds, playing with my camera, reading gardening books and poring over next years seed catalogues. Oh, and nice, hot bubble baths surrounded with candles.

  2. I bring my meyer lemon tree inside and enjoy its blooms all winter, it helps to know I planted 100 bulbs this fall, too.

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