Oh to Twitter or not to Twitter, what is a girl to do?

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 So here I am, day two into our industry’s biggest trade show and I sit here at the end of the day, with the State of the Union going on the TV and finding myself perplexed again. Here is my dilemma….

I have attended three classes and seminars on the social medias out there. After the first two, I was happy to jump into Facebook and try my hand at blogging. (although there never seems to be enough time!) and was glad to know that Twittering isn’t something necessary for someone in wholesale…..well…then I attend a class yesterday and guess what???  NOT!

I was informed, that absolutely, I should be twittering or tweeting or whatever! I really asked the moderator if she was sure! I told her that I didn’t feel that there was anyone out there that could possibly be interested in whatever I had to tweet and what exactly was I supposed to tweet about?

The moderator was very patient with me and said that if I shared, people would follow and that people following would eventually lead to new relationships being built and that from these new relationships, would come new leads and sales some day.

 So…what did I do? I came back to the hotel room and set up a twitter account! Now…my issue, is what to twitter about! I would definately say, that more seminars will be in my future and I ask for your help!

As a sales manager of a wholesale nursery in Perry, Ohio, what do you want to hear from me?  What’s new? What trends are out there? How do I plant a rain garden? Can you picture me scratching my head cause that’s what I’m doing! I so want to be the “someone” you turn to for information that you’re interested in and yes, I want to build relationships with anyone interested in gardening, birds, landscaping, perennials….but I don’t want to be that person that just rambles to ramble so give me your ideas! Bring em on!

   I love plants, I love people and the people that love me….they say I know my stuff and that I really love to share ideas so please…join me!

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