Rudbeckia n. ‘Herbstsonne’ – A Perennial Giant

I LOVE this perennial! Now that you all know how I feel about it, I’ll tell you why! It’s a biggy! In full sun, it will easily reach over 6 feet! (this is the flowers, not the plant itself!) The flowers are a beautiful butter-yellow, the petals droop downwards and they have nice dark brown cones.  When in bloom, you are looking up at them and they are beautiful! The bees love them too!

       The plant itself only gets a few feet tall. It sort of reminds me of cabbage but prettier. If you want the plant to stay shorter, you can cut the foliage back hard in mid to late June and the flowers will stay about 4-5 feet tall.  If planted in full sun, the plant does not need staking but if it’s in anything less than full sun, the flowers may flop on you.  Because the flowers get so tall, it’s not easy to stake it.  This plant is not picky on soil conditions, needs average moisture once established and doesn’t require fertilizer to perform well.  Just give it the sunshine!

  You can cut the flowers for the house and they will last for up to a week if you keep your water changed every day. 

Maintenance for this perennial is up to you. You can leave it alone, and it will bloom for you and be awesome. You can cut it back, dead-head it and it will be awesome.  It’s just not that picky!  You MUST however, plant it in the back of the perennial bed because it would look silly out front! It is beautiful planted in a mass planting or all by itself.  I just love it but I said that already didn’t I? 

 Rudbeckia n. ‘Herbstsonne’  is a zone 3 plant and  will bloom July through September depending on where you are. Here in NE Ohio, she kicks into color about early August and will bloom in to the fall.   Overall I would give this one a 10!


One response to “Rudbeckia n. ‘Herbstsonne’ – A Perennial Giant

  1. my herbstone are 8 feet tall and just stunning! One of my favorites

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