Valentines…the giving of love with LOVE

Tree decorated for Valentine's Day in San Dieg...

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There has been so much hoopla over Valentines Day this year. Much more so than in the past. I think this is a good thing! Everywhere you look, whether it’s blogs, tweets, emails, TV, radio….it’s all about the love!

Who doesn’t want to be loved and to love?  I can’t think of anyone! So today I say…HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all of you!  Take a minute today to tell all of your friends, family, pets, kids….that you love them!

No…you don’t have to buy your loved one anything today….life will go on without candy (which I couldn’t buy my dieting husband), cards, flowers (although who doesn’t love flowers!) etc… BUT a kiss or a hug is free so share them today! Just saying “I love you” goes a long way!

Make it a great day whatever you do!


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