The Value of Plants in your Life

The other day I enjoyed listening to a webinar on the value of plants in our      lives.  The experts are working hard on putting a dollar figure to this value…my thoughts is it will be a while before it’s determined.

Plants add value to our homes. A well-landscaped yard will put more dollars in your pocket when it’s time to sell. This has been proven! Never mind the value if you’re not planning to sell but you have to admit that it’s a whole lot nicer hanging out somewhere where they’ve taken the time to add some color and plantings. Think about it, would you prefer to hang in the backyard with your friends surrounded by concrete and wood or flower beds and decks.

Cities are now working on adding green areas to roofs. Green and blue! Gardens, prairies, etc. When it rains, rooftop gardens catch and absorb storm water run-off or at least slows it down. This keeps rain water out of the gutters and hopefully out of the system that will overflow and end up messing with the city drainage! This saves money!

Green roofs and now living walls are being planted to save energy costs. A planted building will keep buildings cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter! Again…saving money!

Hospitals all over the world are using gardens to enhance patient well-being.  How?  It’s been proven that if patients are exposed to gardens, the recovery time is significantly reduced. Wellness centers worldwide are adding herb gardens, flower gardens and water features which in turn the patients and staff are benefiting. Shorter recovery, healthier staff…all equal savings!

So….although there are many more reasons to get a “little green”  in your life, we will all save some green in the process! So get planting and do your part to help the economy recover! Consider planting a vegetable garden if nothing else!


3 responses to “The Value of Plants in your Life

  1. Very wise words. More plants, less floods, more plants, less frayed nerves. More plants, less global warming. More plants, more food. I agree. Plant what you can where you can and reap the rewards.
    BTW I will be planting tomorrow I white agapanthus and three echinops for the insects and 75 dwarf iris for me.

  2. It’s amazing how much simply being around plants change your mood. I spend much of my time in Detroit and it’s sort of amazing how the decay of the city has had plants pop up everywhere. There are, literally, fields and trees popping up right in the middle of it. Like wise, the University of Michigan and Ann Arbor have integrated the surrounding forests with the city wonderfully. I actually used to work in a building with a green-roof there. These are nice places to be (although everyone has their own take on Detroit) and I wish more people would take advantage of greenery.

    I’m done with winter because I want my plants and my sanity zone is a little cluster of plants that I have sitting by a window.

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