Mother Nature’s Mistakes Today

Small trees after heavy snowing.

Image via Wikipedia

Yesterday the temperatures were in the high 30’s with torrential rains. Seemed like spring to me. Visions of colorful bulbs danced in my head….

Today…there is over a foot of heavy, white, beautiful snow on the ground and it’s still coming down. There is not one piece of the landscape that isn’t covered. The snow is so heavy even the ornamental grasses have given up and allowed themselves to be covered to the ground.  Every one is tired of it! It’s March and I find myself stuck in my driveway! Really?

Japan gets hit with a record earthquake, Hawaii is in danger of tsunamis  and the west coast is on alert (although that may have passed by now) Really….is Mother Nature pissed off today or just grumpy? Could someone give her some flowers to cheer her up already? Enough!

 I hope everyone is safe and warm and my prayers go out to those that are not.


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