Just admit you’re wrong…it happens


This was sent to me by Spring Meadow Nursery and it was so on target…I had to share it! Enjoy!

Being Wrong
No one likes to be wrong.  But if you’re putting anything out into the wider world, not only will you be wrong at some point, but someone will point it out to you.  If, for instance, you write a newsletter or produce a catalog, every bad link and typo (and actual errors) will be noticed and reported back to you. 
And that’s OK.
If you aren’t making mistakes, you’re not trying to move ahead.  And if you’re not trying to move ahead, you’re falling behind.  It’s like introducing new plants; some are good, some are not-so-good.  A great plant might be wrong for your climate, production system or customer base.  But a nursery that doesn’t make an investment in new plants will eventually be holding a nursery stock auction.  Don’t let fear of failure keep you from growing new crops, or you will be behind your competition and stuck with an inventory of plants that no one wants to buy.
Umair Haque takes an even bolder tack in his ‘Fail Bigger Cheaper’ blog post.  He might be a little extreme in some of his statements, but the central premise of budgeting some failure into projects is a good one.  If you absolutely, positively can’t fail, you can’t try anything new.
Now, telling someone they are wrong or that they have failed is another subject.  While accepting correction gracefully is important, giving it graciously is just as essential.  

Right or wrong, be kind to one another.


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