Blue Hosta is a Must Have in the Garden


The Hostas are starting to pop here in NE Ohio and I am definately a collector….here’s the word from Doug Green’s Garden that I wanted to share with you!  Although many think of Hosta and think of the variegated forms, my favorite is the blue ones! Big, small, tall, short, I like them all!


Blue hosta are prized by gardeners because they contrast so nicely with other foliage in the perennial flower border.

I’ve picked most of these for their slug resistance or for their outstanding garden performance. Many are award winners.

They are grown exactly the same as other hosta although it should be noted that the colors will be more intense in the shade with a good rich organic soil than if you try to grow them out in the sunshine.

Design Tip

For maximum impact, plant blue hosta beside gold leaved hosta. ‘This blue-gold color combination is one of the highlights of the shade garden and both plants will benefit from this combination.

Some Good Varieties

‘Drinking Gourd’ 18″ tall, a cupped leaf, blue-green. Good slug resistance with white flowers.

‘Blue Angel’ 36″ tall, large blue-green leaf, large mounded growth, white flowers, excellent slug resistance

‘Blue Cadet’ – 15″ – I’ve added this one because it’s great for it’s powdery blue foliage and thick leaves! White flowers!

Blue Mouse Ears’ – this is for the front of the garden or in mixed containers due to it’s size. It’s just a “little bitty” but strong performer!  Truly does look like lil’ mouse ears!  Must have! (I added this one to Doug’s list too because I love it!)

‘Bressingham Blue’ 24″ tall, massive 15″ long leaves are blue-green with undulating edges, white flowers.

Dress Blues‘ 18″ tall, long pointed blue-green leaf with white margins, pale lavender flowers.

‘Fragrant Blue’ 18″ tall, chalky blue, wavy leaves. Fragrant, light lavender flowers.

‘Hadspen Blue’ (pictured) 14″ tall, steel blue wavy leaves. Excellent slug resistance with pale lavender flowers.

‘Krossa Regal’ 40″ tall, frosted blue-green leaf, massive vase shaped plant, lavender flowers.

Northern Exposure‘ 36″ tall, blue-green massive leaves with 2″ wide yellow margin. White flowers.

H. sieboldiana ‘Elegans’ 20″ tall, massive blue-gray leaf heavily corrugated. Slug resistant with white flowers. One of the best all-time hosta and should be in every garden collection. ‘Silver Bay’ 12″ tall, intense silver-blue leaves, seersuckered, pale lavender flowers.

H. todudama Aureonebulosa’ 18″ tall, blue green margin with gold centers, rounded and cup shaped. Near white flowers. One of my favorite blue hosta.

I hope this gives you a few ideas of which plants to look for. You’ll find all kinds of suggestions out there but these are some of the classic and best growers in my own garden experience.

Ideas to plant with the blue hostas as Doug suggested would be Dicentra Goldheart or Caryopteris ‘Worchester Gold’ and of course you could use golden hostas like “June” or ‘Gold Standard‘ or ‘Stained Glass!  Great combos!

Have a great day!

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