Going Going Gone!

It’s official – fall is here and at this rate, winter may be here sooner than later.

Halloween has come and gone, and the garden centers are offering discounted prices on their plants to get ready for Christmas.  You can’t blame them really, most major department stores (including our very ownGreat Lakes Mall) already have beautiful Christmas ornaments on display!   You can get some great bargains this time of year for your garden and indoor plants so don’t wait.

Insider Tip:  here in Lake County, Gilson GardensSabos, and Martins are offering 50% and more off hardy plants.

This is also the best time to purchase your ornamental grasses because they are in their glory right now.  They are at full size so what you’re planting is what they will become in your own garden next year.  That’s awesome for those of us who can’t visualize winter vs. summer garden sizes.

This is the time to plant your bulbs, clean up your beds and YES, you can still plant!  This is the time to plant daffodils, tulips, snowdrops, crocus and more and I promise you…getting them in now will reward you with their beauty in the spring.

Finally, your veggie garden may be done, but you can still get plenty of apples and veggies from your local farm market.  Gourds and squash last a long time so get them now to enjoy later.   Bring in your herbs or harvest them so that you have fresh herbs throughout the winter – did you know you can dry and freeze them so you can use them throughout the winter?

Bring on winter!

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