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I can hear Santa….he’s on his way!

       I love this time of year! Christmas lights are popping up in all the dark neighborhoods, people are going around in a “I’ve gotta shop” coma, songs of the holiday are everywhere (literally!) and you can’t help but be sucked in!  This year seems the “sucking” is so much stronger!  Holiday promotions started so early and the push to get it all done was just stacking up! I mean the red kettles are everywhere and I’m going broke!  So…..I succumbed to the coma, shopped till I couldn’t get any more in the car and my credit cards were pretty much on fire (you’re welcome for my share of economic stimulation!)  My house is decorated, my presents are hidden and then….I flip the calendar and it’s only November 30!  What the hell?  How did that happen?  It’s not even December and I’m ready for the holiday to get here already!

    So now…I can sit back and enjoy all the craziness without actually losing my mind in the process.  I thank technology every day for my DVR so I don’t have to watch all those commercials that make me believe if I buy this or that that my life will be the “happily ever after” they are promoting! My answer to the darkness this year is to be at the gym after work so that I’m not in my pajamas watching TV two hours before primetime!  Mental health is a fine line people!  Keep the whole thing in perspective! Holidays are for friends and families (yes, families!) and showing others kindness!


Are you ready for a house fire?

     I generally post about plants and flowers and photography. Those are my loves and my life besides my family. However, I am posting today about fire. My mom’s and her husband’s house burned down this past Tuesday. They live about 3 hours from me so I got there the next day. Nothing could have prepared me for  the job ahead of us.  You stand out in the yard and just remember what the house used to look like. The family times inside the house….the memories.

     Stepping inside is like stepping into what I imagine hell must be like. Black soot, the smell of burnt everything, walls missing, what isn’t burnt to a crisp is is drenched. The firemen did their job, they got the fire out but their job is not to keep items dry!

     After spending three days picking through the rooms that were left, I was amazed at some of the things that seemed okay (but stunk) and crushed by those items that were gone.

     I know that come Monday, I’m calling our insurance company to make sure that we have the correct insurance to protect us if we had a fire. I’m also going to buy a firesafe box for those papers that my mom lost but now needs.  You never know if it could happen to you but if you don’t protect yourself before, it’s too last after the house is burned.  Family photos saved on line….worth every dime!

     A lesson we’ve learned from this is that no one is exempt of a disaster. We are thankful that no one was hurt and that my mom was home when the lightning struck or they would have lost their dog. Material things are just that but if you have items you know you wouldn’t want to lose. Know where they are so that when you begin to dig through the rubble….you have an idea where to start looking. Walls, drywall, roofing material, insulation…can all be between you and your beloved items.

     Insurance is a great thing to have and you must have it. Be sure to know your policy, have the numbers you need saved somewhere besides your house. Have a file that has all your important numbers.  A bank safe deposit box is worth the money. I promise you!

Don’t just make it “Another Year”

For those of you that are following my blog….you will kind of find this one out in left field but New Years is fast approaching and I see so many emails and comments on my LinkedIn that talk about the future year ahead and I couldn’t help but add my thoughts!

  Make 2011 a year to remember!  So many people spend lots of time coming up with “to do” lists for the coming year or “goals” or that awful word “resolutions” but come a few days later…..back to the grind!

STOP! Think about what really makes you happy. Is it your home, your car, your family, your work, your hobby….what is it that makes you tick? Everyone down deep wants to be a better person but in order to be a better person to others, you must be happy inside.  Share your best attributes about yourself with others, really get to know someone new, do for others (and I don’t mean writing a check!), make a friend, start a new project….again…things that are going to make YOU happy inside.

I know some of you are out there going BLAH BLAH BLAH….another cheerleader out there in the webworld but just think about it. Everyone is so rushed all the time, running from here to there, but when it comes down to it….life is about living and being a good person and enjoying it all at the same time.

Take the time so smell the roses, step back and focus on the beauty around you every day, stop complaining (no one wants to hear it anyways!), SMILE, share, and LISTEN to the people you love or even those you don’t! Stargaze, watch the water on a lake, birdwatch, take a look at the sky, check out a tree you drive by everyday, people watch! Seriously, GOD put it all there….take  a look, a real close look and I think you’ll be amazed to all that we take for granted and don’t appreciate enough!  We’re all guilty!

If we all take 5 minutes everyday to just sit back and LOOK and get tuned in…imagine the possibilities! I wish you all the best this coming year!  Thanks for taking the time to read my post (if you’re still with me here at this point!:) and have a great day! Be safe and well.