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Those intriguing elegant ferns in the garden

Fern plants at Muir Woods, California

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     This has been an interesting spring so far. We nurserymen don’t even know what it means to have a “normal” spring anymore.  Mother Nature finds a way to keep our lives interesting year after year!  This year (as any other!) we emerge from winter as the sun-starved creatures that we are. We look to the sky and gaze at the blue sky welcoming it back! But…this year…not so much! April….I’m pretty sure we didn’t see the sun and it was still so cold!  May came in pretty nice but wet…oh the rains we’ve had!  Our neighboring towns have had hail three times in the last month and the winds have been dangerous and damaging!  

  So where am I going with all this whining about the weather….to the ferns…the beautiful ferns. They emerge from the ground like some slow alien being that pops up out of the earth and slowly begins to unfurl their fuzzy tendrils and fronds! I am absolutely fascinated by the stages of the fronds as they unfurl and dream of just sitting and observing the show but hence, no time for that!  All the different shade of green, and it’s a wonder-garden of  perfectness for fairies and tree-frogs!

  I took some pics of the fronds opening on some ferns in the nursery and I’ll try to post them.