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It’s a whole new year!

Icartoonfile1364Happy New Years from all of us at Gilson Gardens!  As I sit here in my office with the snow falling down and the wind blowing I just keep thinking to myself….spring is coming….2015 is coming and you know what…it is!  Tonight we all celebrate a brand new year…we will make resolutions we won’t keep, we’ll probably drink too much, not feel too good in the morning BUT…at the end of the day….2015 will be here and that is exciting!

We have a brand new set of 365 days to enjoy!  Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter!  We have new plants to put into the earth, gardens to renovate or just prep for the coming of spring.  I know most of us can’t get out there right now but it will be here before you know it so start planning what you would like to do with your outdoor spaces.  Maybe this is the year you put in a small pond, or add to your patio, start container gardening….whatever you dream up you can make happen!

Do you know that ANY time you spend outside, doing ANYTHING with nature, you extend your life?  It’s true….add some years to your life and get outside in 2015!

As for us here at Gilson Gardens, we’re busy planning our year.  What plants to raise, how many of them, should we start with smaller liners to cut our costs but extend our growing season?  We’re constantly re-inventing ourselves to be sure we stay relevant!  It’s a tricky process getting our plants ready for when customers want them and then of course we have to deal with mother nature who we all know can be temperamental! (or just mental!)  I’m not sure which!

So my wish for you all is that you have a wonderful new year…spend those 365 days wisely because they go fast…don’t waste too many of them!  Be safe, stay healthy and keep planting!

Happy New Year!!!


I received this from a friend that read it online at opennhort.com.  It’s fantastic and should make all independent garden centers think about their customers. Also…to those that shop at the big box stores…remember the lil’ guys out there where you will receive the personal assistance and someone WILL remember your name when you walk in but may not have that big parking lot!


You know Her: she’s a great customer. She ADORES plants, devours every issue of Better Homes & Gardens, and spends Her winters pining away for the first signs of spring thaw so she can eagerly attack Her garden plans. She drives the nice-but-not-too-nice car, knows your staff by name, and wouldn’t dream of shopping for Her garden anywhere else.

Um, yeah. There aren’t 10% of Her out there anymore.

NewsFlash: She’s already cheating on you. And if she isn’t, she will.

Honestly? She likes you well enough, but she’s gotten bored with you, the spark just isn’t there anymore. She used to be surprised by something new each time she came in, she was inspired by your lush and lavish displays.

The recession-era you: with paint from two seasons ago, staff reductions, and merchandise constriction, well, you’re a little less alluring.

You’ve become predictable, and not in a good way.

She’s already shopping at Nordstrom for Her shoes but Costco for Her paper towels. She’s smart enough to see the grower’s truck when it stops at the Big Box store on Tuesdays with fresh product, which, golly – looks fairly much the same to Her eye.

She’s using more coupons these days, because austerity is ‘in.’ She’s savvy enough to price shop the essentials online. And even if you’re closer… well, your staff are more harried and distracted than ever, your parking lot is tight, she can’t get to your store after work…

Can you make Her feel special again? Can you give Her the thing she values most – Her TIME – back? Can you delight Her? Make Her life easier? If not, then you’re just 5% better than the other guys – and they’re 20% cheaper.

And she’s smart enough to do the math.

Are you ready for a house fire?

     I generally post about plants and flowers and photography. Those are my loves and my life besides my family. However, I am posting today about fire. My mom’s and her husband’s house burned down this past Tuesday. They live about 3 hours from me so I got there the next day. Nothing could have prepared me for  the job ahead of us.  You stand out in the yard and just remember what the house used to look like. The family times inside the house….the memories.

     Stepping inside is like stepping into what I imagine hell must be like. Black soot, the smell of burnt everything, walls missing, what isn’t burnt to a crisp is is drenched. The firemen did their job, they got the fire out but their job is not to keep items dry!

     After spending three days picking through the rooms that were left, I was amazed at some of the things that seemed okay (but stunk) and crushed by those items that were gone.

     I know that come Monday, I’m calling our insurance company to make sure that we have the correct insurance to protect us if we had a fire. I’m also going to buy a firesafe box for those papers that my mom lost but now needs.  You never know if it could happen to you but if you don’t protect yourself before, it’s too last after the house is burned.  Family photos saved on line….worth every dime!

     A lesson we’ve learned from this is that no one is exempt of a disaster. We are thankful that no one was hurt and that my mom was home when the lightning struck or they would have lost their dog. Material things are just that but if you have items you know you wouldn’t want to lose. Know where they are so that when you begin to dig through the rubble….you have an idea where to start looking. Walls, drywall, roofing material, insulation…can all be between you and your beloved items.

     Insurance is a great thing to have and you must have it. Be sure to know your policy, have the numbers you need saved somewhere besides your house. Have a file that has all your important numbers.  A bank safe deposit box is worth the money. I promise you!